An efficient CCTV system..

Offers maximum security to its users while deterring burglars, thieves, and vandals from accessing your residential premises. CCTV cameras are installed in homes to monitor kids, watch on domestic help, and surveillance.

You should ensure that your CCTV system is installed correctly and maintained to offer you excellent performance while monitoring your home. Below are aspects to keep in view while installing CCTV cameras at home.

Camera Mount

One of the aspects to keep in view while installing a CCTV camera is to mount the camera correctly to get a better and clear view of what is happening on the premises. It’s much better to fix and set up the camera at a higher angle. Thus, you will need to have a camera mount to mount the camera on top.

Various kinds of camera mounts are easy to operate, and you can change their directions easily. While purchasing the camera mounts, you should buy a ‘housing’ that acts as a cover for CCTV cameras. The cover protects the CCTV cameras from overexposure to excess light and rain.

Wires Cable & Connectors

One of the main components required to connect your camera is several connectors, cables, and wires. These are significantly essential for connecting CCTV cameras to the screen or video viewer to view the recordings and video footage.

A video splitter, in this case, would be crucial to help you view the input of multiple cameras on a single monitor. You also require wires to connect to the mainboards that supply power to the home premise.

Proper Position​ing

If you are fixing a camera, it’s vital to ensure that it’s set up at the correct position to record the activities that are happening outside the home compound at the same time. You also need to ensure that it does not intrude or invade the privacy of your neighbours.

If you decide to install a CCTV camera, it should be located where it remains hidden, yet it should have ample space to have a clear view and record what is happening.

Consider Wireless Units​

When you are not sure where to place or position your CCTV camera, wireless CCTV cameras can be the best option. They offer you the flexibility to move them as per your preference or requirements. For instance, you can use the device for indoor security or surveillance, like watching your kids playing inside the various rooms in the house while you are at work. You can also position it at the front door when you want to go out for a trip or the weekend.

Proper Power Supply​

It’s vital to ensure a proper and consistent supply of power in the building premises where you want to install the camera. This ensures that power shortages or outages do not disrupt the recording process by the CCTV system. A power backup supply will also be incredible if you do not have a constant or continuous power supply in your home.

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