Installing security cameras on your property is a smart move. Whether it is your home or a commercial premises, CCTV gives you greater protection. Security cameras and offer peace of mind at a cost that fits you budget.

How much security camera installation costs depends on many factors. There is no one size that fits all. Not every property is the same. Each one has a unique layout and design. The security camera installation you need for your home will be different to what a commercial property requires. And, of course, depending on the building, the type of CCTV installation will vary. The camera location, type and other equipment required will also affect the cost of CCTV installation.

So if you are looking for security camera installation Brisbane and surrounding areas, it is best to get a tailored quote for your property. When quoting the provider will take everything into account. For example, the type of system you need, how many cameras, accessibility to install the equipment, whether it requires wiring, system setup and other factors.

Installing CCTV is an investment, but of course you want to know what it will cost your before making a commitment. So without knowing what you need, it is impossible to give you a reasonable cost estimate without a site visit and talking with you about your needs, The following are the factors taken into account for CCTV installation Brisbane and local areas.

Hardware components

The hardware components are the equipment you need for your CCTV system. Usually this is the most expensive part of installing CCTV. There are endless variations and features that will affect the price of installing a security system.

There are so many options for security cameras you will need help making a choice. Generally, cameras for a home system cost less than for a business because you may want fewer features at home.

These days most security cameras use Wi-Fi. They connect to your home internet network and you can access them using a smartphone app.

There are also other types such as Bluetooth and Ethernet cameras that can connect to either a home automation hub or an app.

The easiest security cameras to install are those that use Wi-Fi.

They do not need wiring in or locating near an Ethernet port during installation. But battery-powered cameras are the easiest of all to install.

You can locate them anywhere and the batteries are usually rechargeable. Just pop the battery out to recharge them. But they need installing in areas that makes them easily accessible. Bluetooth cameras are also simple to install, just know you need to be fairly close to them so they can connect with the mobile app on your phone.

Also there are doorbell cameras that fit into your overall alarm system or you can have it as a stand-alone option. These are handy for monitoring who is at your door and are usually simple enough to install yourself if it is stand alone. It will connect to either your smart home system or a mobile app. They will also capture audio and have infrared to make it easier to see who is there at night,

Then you need to consider the quality of the footage captured. If it is so grainy that you cannot see people’s faces properly, it is not of much value if they break in to your premises.

So if the details you capture are important, a security camera that records video at 720p is a good place to start but 1080p is better as it captures more detail. Both of these will not use much storage space and are easy to see on your phone, PC or tablet.

Storing recorded video

How much security camera installation costs also depends on how you store the video captured. You can do this in a few different ways. Some cameras come with an offer of free video storage on the cloud. This is usually limited to around 7 days before it gets overwritten or deleted. Others you need a subscription for if you want to store more than a week’s footage.

But if you do not want to store the video on the cloud, a security camera with a microSD slot will allow you store the video on a local device.

Software for managing security cameras

The software your security cameras have are what allows you to manage and interact with them. As with everything else, the software cost varies depending on the system you choose.

Some have an annual or once off licensing fee and others may have a monthly subscription. Always ask your provider about this before CCTV installation as these fees are not always obvious.

CCTV installation Brisbane

CCTV installation costs can vary between companies. It will depend on the type of security camera installation, how many and the location. As a guide, the security camera installation cost Brisbane is an average of $75 an hour to hire a professional. How long it takes depends on the complexity of the system. Ask your provider about the labour costs. Obviously a small, uncomplicated system will take much less time to install than a bigger, more complex system.

Maintaining your system

It is always a good idea to also factor in the cost of maintaining your CCTV system. This is often overlooked. But it is an important factor to consider upfront to keep your security system operational 24/7.

Security camera installation cost

Security camera installation costs are not always straightforward. You need to consider the cost to purchase the hardware, ongoing subscriptions for video storage and possibly maintenance. And then there is the labour cost for installing your system.

But there are many options. Talk to your security provider to work out the best solution to protect your property that fits into your budget.

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